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TVP ― Non-embedded audio system

HD television programmes realization like big sports events (Olympic Games, World Championships in team games etc.), song contests and festivals, concerts and other cultural or socialpolitical events require now much more audio signals in various standards and formats than it was during such production in the past. These signals, acquired from satellites, cable or telecommunication links and internet require adaptation to quality parameters obligatory for programme production and sending them to appropriate production studios.

The networked system of non-embedded audio built on the Nexus technology provides correct realization of these requirements in the Central Continuity Equipment - the place being the very heart of the TVP technology. Through the KSC Commander control system it is possible to manage such common networked audio and video resources in television studios, apparatus rooms or operators rooms.

The system allows mutual exchange of audio signals through the optical fibre placed between the digital audio network in Polish Radio S.A. and Information Agency TVP S.A.

Design and system configuration: Konsbud Audio
Main components of the system:

  • Networked system of non-embedded audio Nexus Stagetec
  • Control system KSC Commander BFE


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The sound systems created and installed by Konsbud-Audio working perfectly in many companies and institutions in Poland.