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Constitutional Tribunal

The courtroom of the Constitutional Tribunal is a place of a special meaning for the Polish society. This is where the top-level proceedings regarding the most vital national issues take place. Konsbud Audio was responsible for installation of a new sound reinforcement system, carrying out an acoustic treatment including installation of acoustic ceilings, and implementation a new lighting system in the main courtroom.

The sound reinforcement system comprises d&b audiotechnik 4S and 5S loudspeaker sets, the selection and placement of which had been preceded by a simulation of acoustic parameters performed with prediction software. The selection of speaker sets of specific directivity, small physical dimensions and maximum efficiency played a crucial role in the arrangement process. The applied solutions make the sound reinforcement system functional, causing no interference with the interior design. In order to make sure that judges can hear each of speakers during proceedings, the presidium table has been equipped with Genelec monitors that are individually controlled and automatically switched on by the main Biamp Audia sound reinforcement system processor.

Post-completion acoustic tests demonstrated a considerable improvement of the speech transmission index and acoustic environment, mainly due to the application of a modern and high quality reinforcement system. Thus, the working conditions in the Courtroom have greatly improved.

Design: Manufaktura Technologiczna
Key system components:

  • d&baudiotechnik 5S and 4S speaker sets and D6 amplifiers
  • Genelec 8010 studio monitors
  • Biamp Audia signal processor
  • Audio-Technica ES915 microphones


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