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City Theatre in Gliwice

The City Theatre in Gliwice was created in 2016 after a transition and a profile change of the Musical Theatre in Gliwice. Apart from musicals, the City Theatre offers plays, workshops, children shows, movie shows and concerts.

Konsbud audio has equipped the theatre with a sound reinforcement system based on d&b audiotechnik Y-series devices. The system consists of five widerange Y8 speaker sets per side and four low frequency Y-SUB speaker sets. Two additional speaker sets serve as frontfills. All of the speaker sets are amplified by four four-channel d&b audiotechnik amplifiers.  The system needed to be flexible (there is a number of stages in various locations), so all of the amplifiers have been fitted in transporting racks with input/output panels. The chamber hall has been fully renovated and acoustically adapted in 2017. This is where the plays for children and small plays for adults are staged. The hall has been equipped with three d&b audiotechnik T10 sets on each side and two B4-SUB subwoofer sets (standing on the floor).

The theatre in Gliwice has a very long history and a group of dedicated fans. The theatre transforms and invests in modern technologies in order to meet requirements of a contemporary audience. The sound reinforcement system in the City Theatre in Gliwice is an another example of a modern solution that meets flexibility and portability requirements that we find in many institutions and companies. Due to relatively small sizes and the ease of assembly, d&b audiotechnik Y-series is one of the best mobile line array systems available on the market. With such equipment, the theatre meets the world audio standards.  

Photos: Teatr Miejski w Gliwicach, Piotr Sadłoń 


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