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Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz

One of the ten opera houses in Poland and the only music theatre in the region of Kujawy and Pomorze. This astonishing edifice is located picturesquely on the Brda river and is regared as a symbol of Bydgoszcz. Artistic events held by the Opera Nova, such as Bydgoszcz Opera Festival, are famous all over Poland. The performances are directed by such outstanding artists as Maciej Prus and Ryszard Peryt.

We have started our cooperation with Opera Nova from installing intercom and video preview systems. We have equipped the building with Delec Oratis system, Biamp Tesira DSP processor and Green-GO intercom panels. Video monitoring system consists of video router, HD cameras and video monitors installed in the wardrobe departments.

Later we have delivered and installed a front-of-house sound reinforcement system for the large stage. This has been our first project in Poland that comprised implementation of ArrayProcessing technology. This solution provides equal sound coverage throughout the hall, so that all audience can enjoy the best acoustic conditions.

Design: Manufaktura Technologiczna
Key system components:

  • d&b audiotechnik V8, V12 and V-SUB front-of-house loudspeaker sets, D80 amplifiers
  • Delec Oratis intercom system
  • Green-GO “party line” system
  • Biamp Tesira processor


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The sound systems created and installed by Konsbud-Audio working perfectly in many companies and institutions in Poland.