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Museum of the City of Łódź

The Museum of the City of Łódź started to operate in 1975. The Museum was created following an initiative of Antoni Szrama, the Conservator of the City Monuments at the time. At present, the museum in Łódź has three divisions: Museum of Sports and Tourism, Department of the Cultures and Religious Traditions and Museum of the Canal.

The institution carries out a wide range of operations: exhibitions and artistic events are organised, publications are created, conservatory works are carried out. There are plans for further revival of the building and its interiors. Education is also an important part of the museum’s operations – classes about the history of Łódź are held both for children and adults.

The basement of the Palace of Poznański Family houses the exhibition called “The Triad of Łódź. The three great communities: Poles, Germans, Jews”. Audiovisual equipment was delivered to meet the requirements of this place. Because of difficult acoustics and different types of rooms where the exhibition is located, we have decided to use Genelec near-field feedback loudspeakers. The video is reproduced on the screens and touchscreen monitors. The heart of the system is Allen & Heath Qu-Pac mixer. The museum guides have been equipped with Audio-Technica 10 PRO wireless microphones working in 2.4 GHz technology.

Key system components:

  • audio monitors Genelec 8010
  • Allen & Heath Qu-Pac mixer
  • system of wireless microphones Audio-Technica 10 PRO
  • video player Digital Signage
  • screens Avers, projectors and monitors NEC


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The sound systems created and installed by Konsbud-Audio working perfectly in many companies and institutions in Poland.