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The Fountain at the Centenary Hall in Wrocław

The Konsbud-Audio was the vendor of the main sound reinforcement components for the greatest multimedia fountain (waterworks) in Poland – the extraordinary show in which apart from moves of water, there is a play of light, laser beams and of course play of music.

Central control point of that very complex system is formed from digital processors AUDIAFLEX produced by BIAMP connected together via the CobraNet network. The processors manage and control the speech and music signals transmission, processing of its dynamics, equalization, matricing, sound sources servicing and, using the real time programmer – triggering the shows in musical mode. Audio control system managing is realized by the virtual platform made based on the daVinci software. The delivered by us 5000-series Audio-Technica wireless systems enable the realization of events based on speech content.

Design: Firma Producencka Gorycki & Sznyterman
For the design realization following items were used (among others):

  • digital processors AudiaFLEX from Biamp
  • 5000-series wireless systems from Audio-Technica


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The sound systems created and installed by Konsbud-Audio working perfectly in many companies and institutions in Poland.