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Supreme Administrative Court

The new seat of the Supreme Administrative Court is located in a thoroughly rebuilt building at the junction of Boduena and Jasna Streets in Warsaw. The building finished with glass, sandstone and stone has nine storeys above ground and two underground. There are 250 rooms for nearly 400 employees.

Konsbud Audio undertook to upgrade the audio system of the Assembly Hall. The challenge was to eliminate problems generated by the existing audio system. As a result of our analyses, we modified and modernized the system. We equipped the presidium area and rostrum in goose neck microphones. Now each microphone can be individually adjusted. Perfect quality converters allowed to obtain a natural voice timbre. Thanks to the use of a zone amplifier, we could introduce independent loudspeaker lines with independent regulation of parameters. We also replaced analogue sound control appliances with a DSP. Simple and intuitive operation of the system is ensured by programmable wall-mounted control panel equipped with a display with customizable text in Polish.

Some of the components used in the project:

  • DSP processors Biamp AudiaFlex CM
  • zone amplifier Biamp MCA 8050
  • Audio-Technica ES915ML microphones


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The sound systems created and installed by Konsbud-Audio working perfectly in many companies and institutions in Poland.