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NOSPR in Katowice

This is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous and state-of-the-art concert halls in the world. Impressive dimensions, magnificent architecture, astonishing details and highly advanced technology simply take the breath away. NOSPR is the ultimate venue and at the same time, one of the biggest or maybe even the biggest recording studio in Poland.

Konsbud Audio has accomplished set-up and implementation of digital sound network and the electro-acoustic systems of the concert hall, chamber hall and recording studio. In order to achieve the best possible sound quality, we have selected top-class electro-acoustic components present in the best concert halls throughout the world.

One of the key components of the system is Nexus digital sound network. It is responsible for distribution of audio signals and plays a role of a “nervous system” in the electro-acoustic scheme. We have decided to implement this solution because of its outstanding system parameters regarding dynamics of microphone inputs and latency of signal transmission, unattainable for other manufacturers. Both the concert hall and the chamber hall have been equipped with large d&b audiotechnik sound reinforcement systems.

Design: Pracownia Akustyczna
Main components of the system:
  • main concert hall: d&b audiotechnik Q loudspeaker sets
  • chamber hall: d&b audiotechnik xS loudspeaker sets
  • d&b audiotechnik M4 stage monitors
  • Stagetec Nexus digital sound distribution network
  • Audio-Technica 5000 microphones
  • Stagetec Crescendo recording console


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The sound systems created and installed by Konsbud-Audio working perfectly in many companies and institutions in Poland.